Vignobles Despagne  (Bordeaux/France)

The Despagne family has a history in Bordeaux which spans 250 years. Today, Vignobles Despagne is responsible for six properties spanning 300 hectares, and is known for taking more care of its vines than some classed growths. Their focus on quality came to the public’s attention in 1997 when theybecame the first French growers to receive ISO 9002 accreditation for their vineyard management systems.

In 1999, that recognition was extended to the plant health and pest control aspects of the farming operation. The Despagnes also engage the services of renowned winemaker Michel Rolland, a man who has revolutionised French winemaking by insisting that his clients adhere to the highest standards in the cellar.

The combination of environmentally-focused farming and quality-focused winemaking has transformed their Châteaux into dependable producers of exceptional wines. Quality is the watchword at Vignobles Despagne. Robert Parker: “One of the most admirable operations of Bordeaux”.