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Blind River Wines

(New Zealand/Marlborough)


As with all serious wines, the vineyard is the single most important element of Blind River.  The unique combination of soil and micro climate – ‘terroir’ – cannot be replicated elsewhere.  It defines the flavour profile giving a unique ‘footprint’ to the wines, ensuring they are memorable.

The 20 hectare (50 acre) Blind River site is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc with just under two hectares (five acres) of Pinot Noir. The vineyard is split into blocks from A to E based on the contours of the land with each treated separately and the wines fermented and made individually.

Blind River wines are very much handmade and of limited volume. The philosophy is to capture the characteristics of the vineyard and guide them into the finished wine. This is done by first ensuring the vineyard is nurtured in a way that encourages the desirable qualities of flavour, acidity, ripeness and overall balance.