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Borgo Molino



The wines of Borgo Molino, created by expert agronomists and oenologists have been waiting for some time for new opportunities, referring to the market potential that the company has shown over the years; of the work, productive capacity and the sensitivity of the viticulturists Sergio Nardi and his children. A new technological facility has been created at the estate. This is a place where expert oenologists, guided by the experience of wine maker Marzio Pol will obtain the best from the finest grapes of Borgo Molino, which are receiving enhanced recognition than before.

The quality of the wines of Borgo Molino due to the fact that the company looks after the entire process, from beginning to the end. Anyone working in the industry understands the significance of that. It means that the fermentation in autoclave is given time to develop, to become a spumanti characterised by elegant, tiny bubbles that deliver 100% flavour.