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Champagne A. Robert 



The vineyards of the Champagne A. Robert estate spread out from the Marne Valley to the Cote des Blancs. There are 68 plots of which several hold Premier Cru status. The great diversity of these terroirs leads to a better selection of grapes. The terroir of the prestigious Cote des Blancs brings freshness and finesse, a real touch of elegance. The noble terroir of the Marne Valley gives power and complexity. A. Robert champagnes derive their personality from this subtle blend, created with the greatest care, resulting in delightful harmony. Observing nature’s demands, the vines are looked after every day, from winter pruning to manual harvesting in late summer. A natural process is used at all times: tilling the soil, using cover crops, and generally respecting nature.
The A. Robert Estate obtained the HVE (High Environmental Value) Level 3 Certificate, which is its highest level awarded. This official label, issued by the “Grenelle de l’Environment”, measures actual results in four areas: biodiversity, fertilisation, pest control and water management.