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Chateau Le Fagé



Northeast of the famous Bordeaux is a little less well-known, but historically rich wine-growing region, the region around the town Bergerac, the Bergeracois. Here, too, viticulture goes back to Roman times. The area is often regarded as the connecting link between the Bordelais and the north eastern Oberland. The Chateau Le Fagé is located almost exactly halfway between Bergerac and Pomport. The area has a rustic charm and the Chateau itself looks like a farm to work. The winery has been in the hands of the Gerardin family for many generations. Since 1983, Francois Gerardin has directed Le Fagé. He sees himself as an all-rounder so everything in his product range is represented: red, white, rosé and sweet wines. All of the appellations share the same characteristics, namely freshness, vivacity and an explosion of fruits in the mouth. The 40 hectare of vineyards are all located on a northern slope, planted with vines from the bottom of the valley to the top of the hill.