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 Domaine de Pignan



In the year 1855, at the head of Pécoul Domain, Antoine and his wife Sophie, were the creators of a small farm. At the time, the activity was limited to the family needs, the sale of wine in bottles was not practiced. They bought a total of 5 hectares of vineyard, situated next to the Popes’ castle to the side of the hill. In 1920, their son Francois Pécoul and his wife continued to grow their vines. They began to plant new types of vines in order to enlarge the vineyard (The Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC dates from November 21, 1933 and the delimitation of the appellation dates from May 15, 1936). In 1950, Louis and René Pécoul inherited the vineyard from their parents and expanded it. The marketing of the sale in bottles started in 1960. This wine inheritance was saved during generations with the attention to offer wines of great character, which make the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation famous. In 1989, a newphew, Frédéric Charvin created S.C.E.A. Domaine de Pignan and gave the name « Domaine de Pignan » to the wines.