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Domaine Jean-Paul Dubost



Domaine Dubost is a 4th generation estate which has been in the hands of Jean-Paul Dubost since the mid-nineties. They farm about 19 hectares, nine of which are from the village appellation. The rest of the land is split between Brouilly, Moulin a Vent, Morgon, and a little Regnié. He has been transitioning to biodynamic since 2005 and ferments all of the wines with natural yeasts. The crus are made without sulpher or other additions.
The Moulin a Vent and Fleurie plots are nurtured biodynamically. It is certainly worth noting that while natural yeasts are used for the fermentation of all the wines, the Fleurie and Moulin a Vent are made with an extremely minimalist approach. The wines are matured for about 10 months in 500L casks, then bottled without fining, filtration, chapitalization, or acidification. The Beaujolais Villages and Brouilly are fermented in concrete, stabilized with SO2 and passed through a light filtration. Jean-Paul is currently training his two young sons, Jeoffrey and Corentin, about natural wine hoping that one day they take over the family estate, which is now 21 hectares.