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Domini Veneti  



Domìni Veneti is an authentic and refined brand of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, which today represents the most sincere expression of a geographically and historically well-defined territory: Valpolicella Classica, a wine-growing area that best expresses a wine essentially produced with native vines such as Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Dindarella, Oseleta, Rossignola, Negrara and Forselina. A heritage that unites traditions and research, new production techniques and originality, to recount and confirm the wise culture of Made in Italy wine.
The area has been designated “Valpolicella Classica del vino” since 1968 as the production area of Valpolicella DOC wines. The territorial area includes the municipalities of the historical and geographical Valpolicella. The word “Classica” distinguishes the historical area from the so-called “enlarged” area, which includes the territories east of Verona.