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Loire Premium Collection – 12 Bottle Case

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In the heart of France, Loire Valley is a region rich in history and culture and famous for very good wines. The Loire Valley covers a number of distinct wine regions, each with its own characteristic grape varieties and appellations. The wines presented in this collection come from Centre-Loire – the home of Sauvignon Blanc. This region gave the world prestigious wines like Sancerre, Menetou-Salon and Pouilly-Fumé. The region also produces excellent reds and rosé from Pinot Noir.

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3 x  L’Enfant Rebelle Sauvignon Blanc
3 x L’Enfant Rebelle Pinot Noir
3 x Pouilly-Fume AOP “Les Petites Roches”
3 x Menetou-Salon Rose, Domaine de l’Ermitage