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Cantina Valpolicella Negrar



The Winery was founded on 23rd August 1933 when six local men joined in a cooperative in order to defend the territory from speculative investments. They decided to provide bottled wines directly to consumers while fully respecting the local winemaking tradition. The quality of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar’s wines is based on the pillars of generations of winegrowers, the men and women of Valpolicella, embracing environmental sustainability and a connection with the land.
Every day the winery controls the entire production chain, with viticulturists and technicians sharing knowledge and constant research and innovation. 230 passionate partners are part of the Cantina’s daily life, and are highly present with both their minds and hearts.
“To understand a vineyard, its potential and its needs, you have to spend time in the vineyard. Our winemakers are the “gardeners of the land”, because viticulture is not just a matter of economy, but also a question of landscape, which becomes the beauty of Valpolicella. We are proud defenders of this heritage.”